Commercial Trucking Resources

  • Chaining Up: A Guide for Professional Drivers – Brochure:
    This guide for professional drivers explains the importance of chaining up, as well as when and where to chain up safely.  Learn more about safe work practices and how to drive safely with chains.
  • Hazard Recognition – Poster:
    This poster highlights the different hazards drivers face and the importance of slowing down/being prepared for what’s ahead.
  • Reading the Road – Brochure and Tailgate Meeting Guide:
    Winter means snow, ice, rain and cold temperatures, making for hazardous road conditions. Anticipating these hazards and knowing how to “read the road” will help you safely respond to changing road conditions.
  • Traction – Brochure:
    This brochure provides quick tips for drivers on how to avoid skids, spinning out, and general loss of traction in winter conditions.
  • Trip Planning – Brochure:
    Driving in winter can put you at even greater risk. The best defense is a thorough travel plan before you hit the road.
  • Visibility – Brochure:
    During the winter, the road ahead can be dangerous.  Snow, rain and fog can impact your view of the road and prevent motorists from seeing you.
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    WorkSafeBC is working to support the direction of public health agencies for slowing the progression of COVID-19 (coronavirus) by helping workplaces to take appropriate preventative measures.  Read More »

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    Corey Viala
    Corey Viala
    BC Ambulance Service

    "Take a moment to think of the impact after the impact"

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    Ron Schwartz
    Ron Schwartz
    Interior Roads Ltd.

    "It's the unpredictability of winter in Northern BC."

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