Road Safety At Work

Road Safety At Work is a not-for-profit initiative funded by WorkSafeBC and managed by the Justice Institute of BC. Our aim is to help BC employers take action to improve the safety of their employees when they drive for work.

On you will find what you need to build and improve your road safety program, including:

  • explanations of the legal duties employers have to ensure the safety of employees when they drive for work
  • tools to help demonstrate a solid business case for preventing workplace crashes
  • a proven framework for building a road safety program
  • a comprehensive tool to identify driving-related hazards, evaluate risks and build effective controls
  • forms and templates, example policies and procedures, tailgate meeting ideas, quizzes and videos
  • informative about current and emerging road safety topics, a BC road safety calendar and access to our monthly newsletter

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Each year, we provide 10 workshops across BC. These free ½-day sessions are of interest to company owners, managers, supervisors, JOHSC members and road safety professionals.

In our most popular workshop, participants learn the value of preventing workplace crashes and work in groups to develop strategies and use Road Safety At Work tools to build practical solutions. Another workshop delves into the importance of a strong road safety culture, discussing how people across an organization can contribute, and engaging participants in collaborative exercises where they apply that knowledge to real-world circumstances.

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Advisory Services

If you would like help starting or improving your road safety program, or if you have a particular road safety challenge, we invite you to contact us.  We provide one-on-one consultation by email, over the phone or in-person – and free of charge. We can work with you to review your program, and help you develop a plan for general improvements or to address a specific road safety concern.

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