Actsafe Event Safety Conference Vehicle Safety Kit Winner

Our latest winner of a vehicle safety kit with a year of roadside assistance is Geoff McEvoy from Riggit Services. Geoff entered our draw at the Actsafe Event Safety Conference in Burnaby last month. Riggit Services designs, builds and installs innovative rigging systems that suspend objects for concerts, exhibitions, live events and film productions.

The Actsafe Safety Association is the health and safety association for organizations involved in the production of motion pictures, television, live events and performing arts.

Actsafe’s conference on March 7 and 8 focused on sharing knowledge about making live events and performing arts workplaces safe for workers and audiences. This event brought together people from performing arts and live event venues, health and safety organizations, suppliers, educators, service organizations, municipalities and labour unions and provided opportunities to network and learn about event safety from a range of experts.

Both Road Safety at Work and Riggit exhibited at this conference and also provided presentations to the delegates. Road Safety at Work spoke about reducing driving related stress and Riggit provided interactive demonstrations about rigging safety.

Geoff was not familiar with the tools and resources offered by Road Safety at Work until we spoke with him. Driving is a necessary part of the work Riggit employees do as they move to various event locations around BC to install rigging systems. We are pleased that Geoff is going to review our tools and resources with his colleagues and is considering attending a complimentary workshop in the near future.

Safe travels, Geoff!

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