Tailgate Meeting Guides

Eight quick reminders that you can share before shifts or in meetings. You can also print and post. Use the tailgate meeting checklist (PDF 181 KB) to get started.

  1. Prepare your vehicle for winter (PDF 193 KB)
  2. Winter tire specs (PDF 236 KB)
  3. Preparing to drive (PDF 196 KB)
  4. Driving in winter (PDF 202 KB)
  5. Driving in rainy weather (PDF 196 KB)
  6. Driving in foggy weather (PDF 161 KB)
  7. Driving in snow (PDF 194 KB)
  8. Driving on icy roads (PDF 445 KB)

Or you can download a document containing
all Tailgate Meeting Guides [PDF 1 MB]

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    Corey Viala
    Corey Viala
    BC Ambulance Service

    "Take a moment to think of the impact after the impact"

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    Ron Schwartz
    Ron Schwartz
    Interior Roads Ltd.

    "It's the unpredictability of winter in Northern BC."

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