Employer Tool Kit

The safety of your workers is your responsibility. Help reduce the risks they face behind the wheel by developing a winter driving safety plan.

The employer tool kit is designed specifically for managers, supervisors and employers and provides an easy step- by- step guide including what to do before, during, and after winter.  This makes is easy for you to identify and prioritize an action plan based on the time of year.

Road safety is smart business. Use these resources to help reduce the risk of a serious crash, which in turn can enhance employee morale and retention, lower organizational costs, and improve business performance.

  • Before Winter

    Do you have a bit of time to prepare for winter? It’s never too early. Get a head start so you’re not scrambling when the snow starts to fall.

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  • During Winter

    Has winter arrived? Here’s what you can do now to get your workplace ready.

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  • After Winter

    Learn from the past winter season, plan and prepare for next winter.

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