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Keeping Your Workers Safe

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of traumatic workplace death in British Columbia, accounting for one-third of all traumatic workplace fatalities. On average each year, about 20 workers are killed and more than 1,300 are injured and miss time from work as a result of work-related crashes.1

For those who drive for work, the winter months of November, December and January are the most dangerous. Almost 29% of all work-related crashes resulting in injury and time-loss claims occur during these months.

Winter conditions in BC can extend from early October to the end of April. And “Winter” is more than just snow and ice. Rain, fog, and reduced visibility are all part of winter hazards for BC drivers.

1 Source: WorkSafeBC 2016 – 2020

As an employer or supervisor, you’re responsible for the safety of all your workers when driving for work in the winter.

  • whether they’re driving company vehicles or their own vehicles, and
  • whether they’re on the road all day or just once or twice a week.

Help reduce the risks your workers face when road and weather conditions are hazardous by following the guidance set out in the resources below.

  • Employer Tool Kit

    An easy step-by-step guide to keep your workers safe while driving in winter.

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  • Your Legal Obligations

    As an employer or supervisor, here are the actions you need to take to ensure workers are safe when driving for work.

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  • Online Course

    This course provides you with the tools you need to plan, implement and monitor a winter driving safety program in your organization.

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  • Tailgate Meeting Guides

    Tailgate meetings are an excellent way to engage employees in conversations about winter driving safety issues that matter to them. Use the tailgate meeting guides as quick reminders that you can share before shifts or in meetings.

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  • For Commercial Carriers: Winterizing Your Safety Plan

    This guide explains the winter driving safety regulations commercial carriers must adhere to and how to comply with them.

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  • For Employers of Community and Home Care Workers

    Make sure your community and home care workers are prepared for the rigours of the road during winter. As an employer you need to know how to reduce their risk of being in a winter-weather-related crash.

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  • Winter Driving: What Employers Need to Know

    Information for fleets that operate company or personally-owned/leased passenger cars and light duty trucks.

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  • Free Workplace Safety Resources

    Tip sheets, posters, sample winter safe driving policy and other resources to support your safety activities.

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