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Promoting the Shift into Winter Campaign

Be part of the Shift into Winter Campaign October 10 – December 31 2018

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Be part of the 2018 Shift into Winter campaign by engaging your organization, stakeholders and community. The purpose of this resource kit is to give you some ideas and simple, actionable steps that you can use throughout the campaign.

We appreciate your partnership to help make a difference in winter driving safety across the province.

Distribute or Display the Shift into Winter Poster

  1. Download and print copies of the Shift into Winter Poster(s) and place them in your lobby, lunchroom or other high-traffic area before the campaign launch date to help create awareness.
  2. Email a copy of the poster to your employees and external stakeholders and ask them to post it in their workplaces.

General Public:

Employer and Supervisor:

This will be a powerful reminder to help employees, visitors and customers remember to stay focused on winter driving safety.

Sample Campaign Launch Message to Stakeholders and Employees

We’ve provided a campaign launch message template that you can use, or customize to send out to stakeholders and employees. You may wish to consider distributing the message the week before the Shift into Winter campaign launch date on October 10.

Email Signature

Include a Shift into Winter message in your email signature and encourage your employees to do so as well. Here are some examples:

  • Winter road conditions can change quickly.  So should your speed. Slow down. More info at
  • Don’t know? Don’t go. Driving in winter conditions can put you at significant risk, so avoid driving when road and weather conditions are bad. More at
  • Help reduce the risks your workers face when road and weather conditions are hazardous. Use the free employer tool kit and online course on

Website and Newsletters

Post one of the following Shift into Winter banners on the front page of your website or newsletter. On your website, hyperlink the graphic to

Leaderboard ad, 728px x 90 pixels

Big Box, 300 x 250 pixels

Square, 250 x 250 pixels

Place an article about Shift into Winter on your website or in your organization’s internal and external communication channels such as an intranet or company newsletter.

Social Media Messages and Images (Twitter)

Distribute the Shift into Winter social media messages via your Twitter and Facebook channels. Consider sending one of the Twitter messages out on campaign launch day, and follow with a weekly message throughout the duration of the campaign.

Download one of the social media images.

General Public:

Employer, Supervisor and Worker:

For All Drivers:

Social Media Images (Instagram)

Download one of the social media images for to your Instagram channel.

General Public:

Employer, Supervisor and Worker:

For All Drivers:


Customized Print Ads

Shift into Winter print ads, customized with your corporate logo in local community newspapers, online media etc. If you would like us to create a customized ad for you (free of charge), please email a high-resolution eps, ai (prefered), tiff or jpeg file of your logo to Anita Deiter at

Radio Tags
Purchase advertising on a local radio station in your community. For example, one option would be to sponsor the weather or traffic segment, using one of the sponsorship tags.

Shift into Winter Community Promotions

Consider creating your own Shift into Winter themed event or community promotion. This could range from something very simple to more complex ideas such as:

  1. Set up a booth and distribute information re: winter driving safety at a public event in your community.
  2. Sponsor a local hockey team. Distribute winter driving safety information at the event, and/or purchase advertising in key places such as the score clock, rink boards, lobby/entrance.
  3. Make a winter driving safety presentation to your local business or community group (e.g. Chamber of Commerce)
  4. Distribute Shift into Winter information to your local schools, health units, police, businesses, municipality.

Employer Tool Kit

employers-toolkit-thumbsUse the resources found in the employer tool kit to develop your winter driving safety plan. The step by step guide provides a wealth of resources and actions to implement before, during and after winter. In particular, it includes a number of tools to help you to communicate to your employees. For example:

  • Remind workers of winter weather driving hazards – and what they need to do to eliminate or minimize risk – in meetings, before shifts, and at other times workers are gathering.
    • Use one of the eight tailgate guides in informal meetings or discussions.
    • Chat one-on-one with your workers to stay apprised of their concerns.

Winter Driving Safety Online Course

Let your employees and stakeholders know about the free online winter driving safety course for employers and supervisors. It will help you to plan, implement and monitor a winter safety driving program for your workplace.

Share Your Success With Others

We can all learn from each other’s successes. Please share how your organization has promoted the Shift into Winter campaign or if you have feedback on how your efforts were received by employees.

We hope you’ll find these ideas useful within your organization and also encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities to share them with your stakeholders and communities.

Questions? Please contact:

Anita Deiter

Strategy Manager, Winter Driving Safety

Download entire campaign
resource kit
[ZIP 10.5 MB]